Technology Business Management

  • Drive Accountability. Make Aligned Decisions.

Technology Business Management (TBM) is a financial management discipline that drives accountability and gives technology leaders the facts to make aligned decisions. TBM defines the tools, processes, data and people required to manage the business of technology.

ClearCost harnesses the TBM framework to support our customers in managing their IT costs. We provide you with a comprehensive software solution and extensive expertise to make sure your IT dollars are spent wisely.

A new framework for Technology Business Management

The Technology Business Management framework is a new way to think about the management of technology in an organisation. It is an alternative to the traditional approach, which focuses on IT as a cost centre and not as a strategic partner. The TBM framework lays out four principles for managing technology:

  • Make it easy for users
  • Find and remove wasted time*
  • Focus on outcomes instead of outputs
  • Use data to manage IT performance

Technology Business Management Framework

TBM Taxonomy

In order to align IT, Finance, and Business Unit leaders, TBM provides a standard taxonomy to describe cost sources, technologies, IT resources (IT towers), applications, and services.

The TBM taxonomy provides the ability to compare technologies, towers, and services to peers and third-party options (e.g., public cloud). The TBM taxonomy also delivers a generally accepted framework of reporting IT costs and other metrics. A simple view of the TBM taxonomy is shown below.

Technology Business Management Taxonomy

From Technology Planning to Return on Investment

Technology Leaders need to communicate the value of IT and reduce costs while building and maintaining trust. As a result, they need more visibility into the full costs of IT services to understand the cost burden placed on IT by specific business units.

The TBM model enables defensible allocation of costs, which is integral to gaining trust and visibility into the fully loaded cost of IT services. With powerful visibility into costs and data quality, trust is built-in with stakeholders – so they can address their IT related needs easily and confidently.

Companies adopting the TBM framework are able to see more clearly the value of their investments in IT and make smarter decisions on how to allocate resources across the company.

ClearCost Methodology & Technology Business Management - ClearCost Elements

Accelerate your Technology Business Management Journey

ClearCost equips IT leaders to communicate the value of IT to their business and pro-actively shift spend toward high-value services and innovation. Coupling the TBM framework with our purpose-built suite of TBM solutions and enables you to manage IT like a business.

ClearCost IT Financial Management

ClearCost’s purpose-built IT Financial Management software enables the seamless management of IT spend of an organisation, for a broad group of stakeholders. ClearCost automates and expands analysis, planning & forecasting of IT costs, propelling the continual optimisation of labour, vendor, asset, cloud and project investment.

ClearCost Bill of IT

Provides a predictable and defensible Bill of IT to business partners. Communicates IT costs in a manner that the business can easily understand.

ClearCost Cost Transparency

Automates analysis of your applicable IT cost data so you can quickly and easily discover insights to drive business value. By understanding IT costs, IT organisations can replace assumption and emotion with defensible facts.

ClearCost Budgeting & Planning

Gives IT budget owners a more accurate and agile process for IT budgeting, planning and forecasting in far less time.

ClearCost Service Optimisation

Enables IT leaders to define the true cost and enterprise value of their application, service, and product portfolios. A single source of truth that offers precise analytics to business users enabling reallocation of resources for optimal use.

ClearCost Technology Benchmarking

Provides internal, peer-to-peer & industry comparisons of your IT spend over time, enabling a continuous process for tracking performance, confirming decisions, and pinpointing areas for improvement.

How does ClearCost IT Financial Management software save you even more time?

1. Rapid deployment model – 90 Day Implementation Target

ClearCost has created a rapid-build TBM solution, geared to fast-track implementation of your new TBM software, based on your current state of readiness and resourcing. With our Crawl, Walk, Run methodology, we can rapidly implement, usually within 90 days, a fully automated TBM system working around your current schedule. Our approach allows you to generate data analytics within a few weeks, not months. We can provide an operational Proof of Concept by building your taxonomy within days, not weeks. We can demonstrate a fully functional shared service catalogue with your financial data and your organisational structure running comprehensive reporting and data analytics.

2. Proprietary Data Gathering Software

Although many tech executives see the value in ITFM, they simply don’t have the time or budget for traditional deployment methods. Some of our competitors in the IT Financial Management software market require months – even years of ongoing consulting services before designing taxonomy and implementing a five-stage balanced model. The ClearCost remote consulting approach can gather a majority of your crucial financial data, cost pools, infrastructure, and business structure without business disruption or consultants at your doorstep. With our approach, software, and SaaS-based hosting, we can help your organisation implement a low-maintenance system with ongoing web-based video and conference support as needed. Our seasoned professionals are only a phone call away to answer any questions to explain our onboarding process.

3. Start Saving Time Today

To learn more about how our proven methodology is used by businesses across the globe, to help save you time and resources, speak to our team to schedule a web-based demo of our TBM solution. And you can have it in less than 90 days. Time saved.

*Understanding what is ‘wasted time’ is about knowing that the resources you deploy are appropriate to deliver the services your business values. An ITFM model forces you to map an individuals work with the outputs they generate. In doing so you identify first what the work is, then what it produces and then whether the business wants to pay for that. Labour, both internal and external is the single biggest cost pool input. Any time that doesn’t add value is by definition “wasted time”.

We deliver great outcomes for our clients.

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