Introduce Clarity to Your Costs


Originally, we envisioned ClearCost to be used as a forecasting tool to balance our supply and demand and essentially set prices for our services based on the input costs.

We soon discovered that ClearCost could do far more than this and ClearCost is now our source of truth for all of our costing/pricing information and has actual expenditure data from our SAP General Ledger, applied back to ClearCost each month.

In this way we ensure we always have an accurate, ‘up to date’ understanding of our financial forecast and how our individual services are performing.”

-Tony Grant, Chief Information
Officer, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries,
Queensland Government

As an IT leader, are you challenged with understanding the costs to deploy and maintain IT services?

Without clarity on the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of applications and services, IT cannot effectively plan, forecast or budget. Knowing the TCO of your IT delivery allows you to effectively manage your IT budget and communicate the value delivered to the business. Yet calculating TCO is not easy or straightfoward.

The frequent issues we hear are:

  • IT organisations do not have visibility into fully-loaded costs, quality and usage of IT services
  • Hiring analysts to deep-dive into spreadsheets to calculate TCO is time consuming and expensive
  • Without application and service TCO, organisations cannot make tradeoffs or decisions between IT services that deliver the most effective results
  • Outdated systems prevent the ability to track the true costs of an organisation’s underlying IT infrastructure and support services
  • IT leaders often making far-reaching errors in IT budget calculations, not being able to simulate a reliable transformation scenario
  • IT cost diversity, speed of change and complexity to aggregate, make TCO calculations incredibly complex and elusive

Benefits To Your Organisation

  • Deepen Cost. Vs. Value understanding for informed decision-making
  • Empower collaboration across your organisation
  • Achieve complete transparency of the true cost of IT operations
  • Time to value in under 90 business days.

Now, ClearCost gives you a better way

ClearCost provides total transparency of IT spend for both technical and business service views, allowing organisations to make the most of their resources and investments. ClearCost empowers you to manage outcomes and look defensively at what components created those outcomes. Understand the impact of spend on service delivery and the subsequent effect on the business. ClearCost has a clear and concise technical service TCO and related business TCO – a unique feature of our software. This enables organisations to apply continuous optimisation to operational cost and invest further into future growth.

Understand and optimise the (TCO) total cost of ownership

Reduce time-to-value

ClearCost applies best-practices for service & business TCO models, IT metrics, and reports allowing you to create timely and tangible results

Generate decisions based on facts

See a clear view of service & business TCO, utilisation, and performance combined with ‘what-if’ analytics enables data-driven decisions

Increase acceptance by your stakeholders

ClearCost’s taxonomy creates trust among business and technology stakeholders


Quantify, explain and predict IT costs

  • Offer complete transparency of the actual true cost of IT operations, driving defensible TCO
  • Compare and defend the cost of internal IT services to third party providers in the open market
  • Drive accountability of investment decisions by having the ability to continuously monitor the impact of business decisions on IT spend and costs


Optimise IT data to reduce cost or reinvest newly-found funds

  • Reveal consolidation and virtualisation opportunities
  • Conduct what-if scenario analyses rapidly to understand impact of decisions
  • Change the way business units consume IT resources, drive down IT unit costs, and focus on IT spending that delivers real business value


Automated forward looking planning tool

  • Conduct analysis of total cost of ownership (TCO) against utilisation to accurately judge cost vs. value
  • Advance planning: review variances more frequently and increase your forecasting cadence, with cost certainty
  • Gain accuracy, drive accountability and reduce contingency to under 1%


Introduce Clarity to Your Costs

We deliver great outcomes for our clients.

Read below how companies in Private Enterprise, Public and Government have benefited from partnering with ClearCost, enabling them to manage their IT function as a business and deliver value for their whole organisation.


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