Fujitsu partner with ClearCost to identify the true cost of IT Services

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ClearCost is obviously a mature product with a large feature set. The transparency that it is providing is allowing us to have fact-based conversations with our business units about the real cost of service.

— Nick Brown,
Chief Information Officer,
Fujitsu Australia

The Client

Fujitsu Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) is a leading service provider of business, information technology and communications solutions, and is one of the largest ICT companies in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace. Fujitsu ANZ has over 4000 employees consuming IT services to which they consult, support, design and deliver ITC solutions across multiple industries such as government, financial services, utilities, healthcare and beyond.

The Challenge

Fujitsu ANZ provide ITC services both internally and externally, which involved multiple internal and external charges and recoveries processed manually by the finance department, lacking contextual evidence of IT service costing TCO.

These burdensome processes made it impossible to achieve cost transparency across all the IT services which were being delivered, as well as clearly explain and identify costs being sent to the consumers as to what they were getting for their chargeback.

To get total cost of ownership (TCO) of services being delivered, Fujitsu required a cutting-edge ITFM solution in order to achieve:

  • A defensible Chargeback model.
  • Cost transparency & Cost optimisation.
  • Operational & Technical insights.
  • Streamlined cost management, budgeting and decision making within ITC.

Fujitsu ANZ surveyed the market for suitable ITFM platforms in order to overcome the current challenges and decided to conduct a Proof of Concept with ClearCost ITFM platform.


The ITFM implementation at Fujitsu consisted of 3 phases namely, Proof of Concept (PoC), Full implementation & Cloud implementation.

  • Proof of Concept

    ClearCost conducted a short-term POC focusing on a single service which provided service managers a total cost of ownership, in addition to the granularity of cost which allowed the service manager to optimise the total service cost.
  • Full implementation

    After a successful PoC, ClearCost conducted an 8-week engagement to implement the ClearCost solution across all service offerings within ITC. This not only led to a fully costed service catalogue, it also provided a standard taxonomy which is used to compare to the industry.
  • Cloud implementation

    In Year 2, immediately after the new release of ClearCost Analytics, we were engaged to assist with the implementation of cloud invoice ingestion and customising the ClearCost analytics portal, in order to provide trends and visibility on cloud spend during our ongoing digital transformation.

Benefits and Results

In the next financial year after implementing ClearCost, Fujitsu ANZ achieved the following:

  • Transparent and defensible ‘Bill of IT’ for Fujitsu ITC consumers.
  • Powerful analytics platform enabling cost optimisation and investment to meet the department’s business objectives.
  • Robust cost management business processes ensuring cost of service and its drivers were defensible and current.
  • Industry classified service catalogue with business capability view enabling industry benchmarking.
  • Streamlined budgeting, forecasting and variance management processes.
  • Capability for demand planning and scenario modelling, giving management understanding of the impact of budgetary and organisational structure changes on service offerings.

Additional valuable benefits were achieved once ClearCost Analytics implementation was complete highlighting key areas for optimisation:

  • Consumption and usage trends helped identify cloud architecture changes.
  • Technical insights and Operation insights (ITC KPI tracking which enabled better team performance)
  • Cloud product optimisation insights
  • IT tower comparison to industry standards assisted with defending and optimising IT spend.

For more information on how ClearCost can help you overcome IT being seen as a cost centre, shadow IT, conduct a deep analysis of performance .vs. budget spend, governance on spend and other cost transparency objectives, reach out to the team at or call +61 (02) 8197 9200 today.

Case Study

Fujitsu ANZ identifies TCO through ClearCost

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