Build an Intelligent
IT Business

Implement IT Financial Management to optimise costs and drive growth

Technology has become a strategic imperative for enterprises regardless of size and industry, driven by the need for digitalisation & automation of business processes. IT Leaders are faced with a rapidly changing, and increasingly diverse technology and vendor ecosystem.

The frequent issues we hear are:

  • Cloud billing is too complex for spreadsheets
  • Spreadsheet data can be error-prone and time-consuming to maintain and often fails to produce actionable information
  • Management is under pressure from their Boards to optimise operational costs and define the value delivered from investment
  • They lack the necessary insight into costs, capacity and utilisation necessary to make data-driven decisions
  • Many are struggling to analyse and correlate historical costs of IT

Now, ClearCost gives you a better way

ClearCost’s purpose-built IT Financial Management software enables the seamless management of IT spend of an organisation, for a broad group of stakeholders. ClearCost automates and expands analysis, planning & forecasting of your IT costs, propelling an operation of continual optimisation over labour, vendor, asset, cloud and project investment.

Benefits To Your Organisation

  • Quickly discover business insights to drive business value
  • Establish the most accurate and efficient budgeting and forecasting process
  • Eliminate error prone spreadsheets with a reliable enterprise platform
  • Predictable Bill of IT that is transparent and defensible
  • Clarify the true cost versus value of your products and services
  • Time to value usually in less than 90 days

Data-driven accuracy, financial transparency, process discipline

Cost Transparency

Automates analysis of your applicable IT cost data so you can quickly and easily discover insights to drive business value.

By understanding IT costs, IT organisations can replace assumption and emotion with defensible facts.

Bill of IT

Provides a predictable and defensible Bill of IT to business partners.

Communicates IT costs in a manner that the business can easily understand.

Budgeting & Planning

Gives IT budget owners a more accurate and agile process for IT budgeting, planning and forecasting in far less time.

IT Benchmarking

Provides internal, peer-to-peer & industry comparisons of your IT spend over time, enabling a continuous process for tracking performance, confirming decisions, and pinpointing areas for improvement.

Service Optimisation

Enables IT leaders to define the true cost and enterprise value of their application, service, and product portfolios.

It is a single source of truth that offers precise analytics to business users enabling reallocation of resources for optimal use.

ClearCost for IT Financial Management

ClearCost enables IT leaders to draw insights about their technology costs that fuel collaboration between their business and finance counterparts. Our platform supports IT organisations to accelerate their budget and forecast process, foster accountability of budget owners, and increase plan accuracy. IT leaders then become better equipped to communicate the value of IT to their business and pro-actively shift spend toward high-value services and innovation, as illustrated below.

6 Reasons you should use ClearCost for running your IT as a Business

1. Build a New Foundation for Technology Business Excellence

  • Spend more time strategising and analysing and less time gathering and understanding the data
  • Deliver transparent and actionable insights to IT Leaders
  • Change from being a reactive cost centre to a proactive service provider and increase the return on business investments

2. Deliver Transparency and Realise Savings

  • Access a financial management framework for each of your cost centres
  • Establish strong IT-business alignment. Give your business a competitive edge
  • Promote shared accountability through showback or chargeback

3. Bring New Clarity to Usage

  • Easily create a transparent and defendable Bill of IT for each business partner
  • Produce transparent reporting of all direct and indirect IT based costs, using the Service as the focal point
  • Reveal previously hidden waste and redundancy

4. Introduce Context To Your Costs

  • Access a wide range of peer-to-peer and industry-specific metrics
  • Reference industry standards to create budgets with built-in defensibility
  • Justify and secure new funding using metrics that relate to your business

5. Drive business alignment

  • Provide a financial management framework for each cost centre manager
  • Leverage a powerful analytics platform to enable cost optimisation and investment to meet your organisation’s objectives
  • Plan effectively for the future based on market realities to realise cost savings

6. Plan for the future with confidence

  • Make cost and investment decisions based on accurate, real-time data, not assumptions
  • Drive scenario modelling to get clarity on the impact of budgetary and organisational
  • Induce flexibility, agility, and the ability to make tradeoffs in your budget and plan by using data to drive decisions


Build an Intelligent IT Business

We deliver great outcomes for our clients.

Read below how companies in Private Enterprise, Public and Government have benefited from partnering with ClearCost, enabling them to manage their IT function as a business and deliver value for their whole organisation.


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