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  September 15, 2022      Paul de Rome

Investment Management: Labour, Cloud & SaaS


  August 24, 2022      Paul de Rome

Building advocacy for IT investment


  July 26, 2022      Paul de Rome

How to communicate the value of IT


  May 6, 2022      Paul de Rome

Justifying your increasing IT spend


  April 26, 2022      Robert Middeldorp

Why Cloud is not Hosted Compute


  April 1, 2022      Paul de Rome

The Five Disciplines of Cloud Governance


  March 28, 2022      Paul de Rome

The true cost of Cloud


  March 18, 2022      Paul de Rome

Why move to the Cloud?


  March 14, 2022      Paul de Rome

Digital products to enhance/enable your CX


  March 4, 2022      Paul de Rome

Optimising your IT Operating Model


  February 16, 2022      Paul de Rome

What’s in it for me? (as the CTO/CIO)

  October 1, 2021      Paul de Rome

Why is Total Cost of Ownership Important to a CIO?

  Feb, 2023      Kristian Hanlon

Celebrating 20 years of trust, commitment, and innovation.

  May, 2021      Dhiren Paleja and John McMahon

Run, Grow & Transform (R)evolution!

  March, 2021      Paul de Rome

Reaping the benefits of benchmarking for higher education

  November, 2020      Dhiren Paleja

‘TVS’ – The New Acronym IT Leaders Need to Know

  October, 2020

ClearCost Launches Advanced Analytics Platform

  September 7, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

How to Navigate Runaway Cloud Costs in the Pandemic Recession

  September 1, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

How to Select the Best ITFM Software

  August 11, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

Discover how a Cloud Billing Solution can Protect your Business

  August 3, 2020      Dhiren Paleja

ClearCost Launches Advanced Analytics Platform

  August 3, 2020

3 Targeted Strategies for IT Cost Optimisation in

  July 28, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

How Should a CIO Spend and Optimise for Innovation?

  July 14, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

How ClearCost Achieved Full Transparency for a Leading University

  July 7, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

10 Reasons Why ITFM Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

  June 30, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

How Fit Are Your IT Finances?

  June 23, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

Here’s Why You Must Have Your ITFM Software in the Cloud

  June 16, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

How to Successfully Integrate IT During a Merger

  June 9, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

Why Does TBM Impact Your Entire Organisation?

  May 26, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

6 Critical Items You Must Know About the IT Budget

  May 19, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

6 Reasons Why Using Spreadsheets Is Costly

  May 12, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

Here’s How To Understand Intelligent ITFM Software

  May 5, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

Here are the Best IT Questions to Ask Your CFO

  April 28, 2020    Steven Middeldorp

What is the Intricate Language of ITFM Software?

  April 21, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

How Can You Save Time With Intelligent ITFM?

  April 14, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

What Are 5 Benefits of Implementing ITFM Software?

  April 7, 2020    Steven Middeldorp

Need for Speed – How ITFM Tools Save Time

  March 31, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

10 Best Practices for IT

  March 24, 2020     Steven Middeldorp

Software Alone Won’t Solve Your IT Finance Problems

  March 17, 2020    Steven Middeldorp

How to Improve Your IT
Cost Optimisation

  March 11, 2020      Steven Middeldorp

How Can IT Shared Services Drive Innovation?

  March 4, 2020     Steven Middeldorp

How Do You Know If Your IT Spend Is Too High?

  February 28, 2020   Steven Middeldorp

8 Trends On How CIOs Are Commercialising IT

  November, 2023     Martin Johnston

ClearCost support for open ITFM standards and the campaign for #FreeTBM

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