Are You Getting The Most
From Your IT Budget?


I’ve got our budgeting and forecasting down so well I can tell the business the cost of opening a new centre ahead of time.

– IT Operations Manager
Early Learning Centre Group

Better Manage the Cost & Performance of IT

When it comes to preparing the IT budget, CIOs and IT leaders often work in isolation. Cost centre managers and service owners must attempt to establish their IT budget with little capability to tie that into business strategy. Taking months to conduct, the IT budgeting process becomes misaligned with the larger goals of the organisation.

Corporate planning tools may track multi-year assets, but rarely track the detailed information that IT needs to understand what portion of their costs underpin particular products and services. When variances are provided only at a cost centre and account level, many hours are wasted digging through various data sources and matching data within spreadsheets.

The frequent issues we hear are:

  • Many hours are being wasted sifting through various data sources and matching data within spreadsheets
  • Spreadsheet data can be error-prone and time-consuming to maintain and often fails to produce actionable information
  • The budgeting process is erroneous and often takes upwards of 60+ days
  • Without transparency into IT-relevant categories (hardware, software, labour), cost centre owners can’t examine underlying causes of variances and steps to improve
  • That cost centre owners may not trust the budgeting process, and therefore pad their budgets accordingly

Benefits To Your Organisation

  • Give your key stakeholders critical insights into actual spend that inform business decisions
  • Rapidly understand drivers of variances and communicate effectively
  • Rationalise spend, expose needless padding, and identify misdirected resources, unlocking funds to drive innovation
  • Reduces risk to the enterprise by proactively managing spend variances, avoiding budget shock

Now, ClearCost gives you a better way

ClearCost’s Budgeting & Planning solution provides IT budget owners a more accurate and agile process for IT budgeting, planning and forecasting in far less time. ClearCost automates IT planning and variance analysis, enabling IT organisations to accelerate the budget and forecast process, foster accountability of budget owners, and increase plan accuracy.

With ClearCost the budgeting process can seamlessly work in both IT Services and traditional general ledger cost centre framework, promoting better alignment of IT investment with

Budgeting with Clearcost allows CIOs and their team to better manage the cost and performance of IT.

Simplify your IT planning today, for a better tomorrow

Foster smarter spending by eliminating padding, using the savings to fund innovation

Empower the IT team to align spend with business priorities

Allows users to make informed budgeting decisions using the ClearCost methodology equipping the IT team to calculate & create their own spending plans


ClearCost includes operating, capital & budgeting capabilities, utilising your internal corporate budgeting system.

  • Experience quick and simple forecasting through our database ‘operational’ model offering tracking and mirroring budgets
  • Make informed decisions through superior planning, what-if-scenario modelling, market comparisons & benchmarking
  • Replace the myriad of spreadsheets to prepare and manage service financial data which supports a single set of financial data to produce multiple outcomes
  • Access activity based budgeting & costing and total costing principles to accurately determine service cost


Enterprises have developed trust with ClearCost for their forecasting process based on the expertise developed over 20 years of operation.

  • Automate IT planning and variance analysis enabling IT organisations to speed up the budget and forecast process
  • Foster accountability of budget owners and increase plan accuracy
  • Support every level of forecasting maturity, from monthly and quarterly in individual financial years through to continuous forecasting across multiple years
  • Forecasting maturity offers an incremental approach to meeting these expectations


Planning automates and accelerates the IT planning process, cultivating greater accountability, increased plan accuracy and the agility to free up funds for other initiatives.

  • Increase productivity by accelerating the planning cycle and automating data aggregation and report creation
  • Effortlessly develop a strategic planning horizon, by creating resource plans years into the future
  • Create and compare multi-year scenarios


Are You Getting The Most From Your IT Budget?

We deliver great outcomes for our clients.

Read below how companies in Private Enterprise, Public and Government have benefited from partnering with ClearCost, enabling them to manage their IT function as a business and deliver value for their whole organisation.


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