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Financial Management Software

ClearCost’s IT financial management software solutions help leaders manage and communicate the cost, quality and value of the IT services they deliver to their organisation.

Using Innovative IT Financial Management Software, We Help IT Leaders Make Every Dollar Count

There are many ways to optimise your IT costs and demonstrate IT value. From infrastructure consolidation, application rationalisation, cloud adoption, to vendor consolidation and offshoring. With our in-demand IT financial management software and solutions, we’ll help you identify where to start based on data-driven decisions, with minimal business disruption.

Your business will benefit from a reliable, secure and robust demand budgeting software platform meets the demands for forecasting and planning finances while eliminating complex spreadsheets and the risk of human error. Improved IT cost transparency enables fact-based budgets and forecasts, that align with your wider business strategy.

Deliver Transparency.
Realise Savings.

Our solutions will:

  • Provide granular breakdown
    and transparency across all IT costs
  • Align your business plan to forecasts and budgets
  • Communicate cost assignment more efficiently and accurately

Our Intelligent ITFM
Managed Services

Our team will:

  • Augment your team with our own in-house or onsite experts
  • Organise your ongoing data, modelling and validation for you
  • Align your cost transparency plan to optimal visibility & cost enhancement

Optimise Costs.
Drive Growth.

IT leaders will be able to:

  • Enhance the allocation of critical
  • Optimise planning, measuring and forecasting of IT and shared services costs
  • See continuous improvement across organisation performance

We Help You Run IT Like a Business

Have confidence justifying your information technology investments, by spending less time unpacking your data and more time using it to enable intelligent decision-making, based on real-time, accurate insights provided by our IT financial management platform.

60% of businesses don’t have visibility into their IT budgets, ClearCost allows you to demonstrate meaning to your IT spend. You’ll identify redundant initiatives and create automated, repeatable processes that bring your business insights to life, and leave more room for growth and innovation. Stakeholder buy-in is simplified with visibility across all IT cost centres, increased accuracy, less risk and a 360º view of service TCO, utilisation, and performance.

ITFM Foundation

Make intelligent decisions to plan,
analyse, budget, forecast, and interpret
from a single source of truth.

Cost Transparency

Get a unified view of IT financial and
operational data, while uncovering
compelling insights.

Bill of IT

Demystify your IT spend, communicate
costs and consumption in simple terms,
that everyone understands.


Make accurate organisation, peer,
and industry comparisons to
rationalise spend.

Budgeting & Planning

Automate planning, analyse
costs to find cost-saving initiatives,
and optimise for growth.

Service Optimisation

Deepen your understanding
of the value of IT investments
to the organisation.

Customer Success Story

Queensland Government’s Department of Agriculture & Fisheries

With ClearCost, the Queensland Government’s Department of Agriculture & Fisheries charge-back ICT provider, Information Technology Partners (ITP), now has one source of truth for all costing & pricing information, with actual expenditure data from their SAP General Ledger applied back to ClearCost every month. In this way, the ITP team always have an accurate, ‘up to date’ understanding of their financial forecast and how their individual services are performing.

Customer Success Story

ACT Government Department of Shared Services Delivers Transparency to Stakeholders.

Offering both value for money and personalised approach, ClearCost’s software and professional services, enables the ICT department to prove indefinitely that their charges were within 5% of competitors, year-on-year.

As Ross Burton, Chief Financial Officer concluded, “it’s all about where it sits in relation to how much it costs versus what it delivers”.

The partnership led to improved stakeholder engagement both internally and externally, and across all levels. Allowing for deeper accountability of each service owner/provider, and driving efficiency.

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